Moruya Wood Heating and Cooling are suppliers of a huge range of wood heaters but if you want a recommendation as to which wood heater they would choose, then look no further than a Lopi Wood heater.

Lopi Free Standing Wood Heaters

Did you know Lopi wood heaters are amongst some of the cleanest buring and efficient wood stoves in the world.  Why, because Lopi wood heaters use a revolutionary patented Hybrid-Fyre® technology that uses less wood while burning hotter fires.

Lopi wood heaters provide reliable heat even during power outages and don’t need blowers to operate. So you’ll be warm and cosy no matter what’s going on outside. Many of our models have cooking surfaces so you can warm soup or cider or fry bacon and eggs for breakfast!

Most wood heaters give off radiant heat that only warms objects within the room. Lopi’s five-sided convection chamber system circulates air around the stove and then pushes the warm air through the room to other areas of your home. It’s a difference you can feel.

Lopi Inbulit Wood Heaters

No other wood heater can surpass Lopi’s performance or quality.  It takes the best engineers and craftsmen to make the best wood heaters, and we’ve got them. Your new Lopi heater features true unibody construction and the most durable door on the market.

The Lopi door is held in place with cold-rolled steel punched through the firebox and welded on the inside to hold the door permanently straight. The hinge pins that hold the door are 16mm bridge rivets. Your stove also has a six-inch, seamless, heavy-duty steel flue collar and heavy gauge 9.5mm & 6mm steel construction. When you buy a Lopi, you’re buying the finest, guaranteed.

Lopi Gas Heaters

The design of the Lopi Gas Heaters allows you to add the beauty of fire with a large viewing area while giving you control over the heat.  The pyro-ceramic glass face enhances the radiant heat that ultimately warms the surfaces of your home helping assisting the high heating performance of this fireplace.

The flame pattern of the gas fire looks so real that it can often be mistaken for a genuine real wood fire.  And the ability to turn the heating on with a switch is a real benefit on those cold winter mornings and you can choose from a wall mounted switch to a remote control switch.

There is a huge range of fireback liner options to consider too, from Enamel to Stainless Steel to Handmade Brick.